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​Fun Ways To Learn Science

​​​​​​​​The following science links provide engaging games, information and activities.  These links offer a way for students to expand and extend their understanding of science topics that are of personal interest or are being explored in class.

Grouse Mountain Bear Cam​  This live video feed provides a look inside ​​the hibernation den of two grizzly bears. 

Kids Health​  This site offers information about a variety of health topics.  The sections titled "How The Body Works" and "Health Problems" relate to the grade 5 science curriculum strand, Understanding ​Life Systems:  ​Human Organ Systems.

National Geographic Kids​  ​This engaging and visually appealing site provides information, games, and vid​eos about a variety of topics.  ​Grade 2 students will find information related to the science strand, Understanding​ Life Systems: Growth & Changes in Animals and grade 6 ​students will find ​​facts related to the Understanding ​Earth and Space Systems:  Space strand.

BBC - Schools Science Clips​  The interactive science activities on this site are organized by age categories.  You will find several topics related to the science curriculum, including:  Magnets & Springs (Grade 3), Changing State (Grade 5) and Changing Circuits (Grade 6).

TVO Kids Homework Zone - Science​  ​The TVO Kids Homework Zone is a great place to find help with science, math and language.  The science ​zone includes topics such as: flight, plants, soil and rocks, and ​energy.  Each science topic has short videos.  The video summaries include the relevant grade lev​el.

PBS KIDS - Science Games​  ​Students will find science games based on their favourite PBS KIDS programs, including "The Wild Kratts", "Curious George" and "Sid The Science Kid".  These games are a fun way to explore and reinforce science topics.

PBS KIDS - ZOOM Science Activities​  ​Looking for a fun science experiment?  Then this is the site for you.  The science experiments are organized under nine categories, including:  Chemistry, The Five Senses and Sound.